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New for Herptastic Reptiles - the Herpstat thermostat by Spyder Robotics. A trusted name in thermostats these are the flagship for any reptile keeper who wants proportional control and loads of safety features.

The new Herpstat HP is an on/off model thermostat designed for people who utilize ambient heating who wish to utilize all the safety features Herpstat thermostats are known for. Supporting up to 1500 watts of power, with a safety relay feature so there is a backup component that can cut power should the primary power relay stick in the ON position, eliminating the need for a second thermostat wired in line.

Intro - Basic- and Herpstat 1 models feature a single probe and plug,
Herpstat 2 offers two probes.
Herpstat 4 has four probes and four plugs - and also features an input and the ability to control humidity with the optional humidity sensor.